Personal post | Tough decision time

It’s that time of the year again. I’m back in school. It’s my final year of grad school, so I’m really buckling down to get through this. Which is a lot, tbh.

That means, I won’t be on here as often. My practicum (the agency I’m interning with) is 24 hours per week each week and we can’t have our phones on us in the unit. Which sucks, but that’s okay. I really don’t need a patient stealing my phone!

My placement is at an in-patient psychiatric facility. I’ll basically be working with senior adults who are there, mainly with dementia-related problems. Since I really enjoyed working with my dementia patients at my first practicum, I think that I’ll enjoy this as well. Even if the problems they have are different if they’re at this kind of facility.

On top of that, I’ll be going to my every other week classes. Which will be interesting and possibly make me cry. One of my classes is the one where we go over the whole DSM in a semester. And the DSM is huge.

And, after thinking about it — and talking with Chantel because I needed her input as my best friend — I’ve decided to step away from blogging completely. Perhaps that comes as a shock, but for the past year, ever since Chantel left, when I think about blogging, the first word that comes to mind is “stressed”. While I love interacting with all of you and hearing your thoughts on my posts, I am at my limit. I know that I’m going to be unable to complete my coursework, go to practicum, read books, write posts, interact with you all, keep up with all your wonderful posts, and work my part-time job.

I’ve discovered out that my passion is with the Instagram account I run now. It’s really where I’m discovering that I thrive (the word Chantel used to describe me and Instagram). I’m no longer happy blogging. Chantel and I never expected that our blog would expand as it did. We never thought that it would and that we would be here with it. Chantel never thought that I would take on the sole responsibility like I did when she came to the conclusion that blogging wasn’t a good fit anymore.

Simply put, this is a close to the blog. It will remain a testament to this, but this is the last post that I will be doing and interacting with. Perhaps this comes at a shock, but, simply put, it is impossible for me to work at this speed. Blogging is no longer where I thrive.

Please, please, please follow or friend me on Goodreads! My profile is here. I have a challenge question but if you’re a blogger, just put your username and I will add you back whether or not you answer that question. I’ll be reviewing on there and you can still keep up with me if you want to. I also would love it if you all gave the Instagram a follow because that’s where I’ll be posting pictures of books that I’m reading or contemplating reading, and you can find that here.

Thank you all for reading our posts and following us. I so, so appreciate all the love and thoughts and good feelings that you’ve given us. However, this is the end of this blog. Thank you all for the good times and I hope to see you on Goodreads or Instagram!

20 thoughts on “Personal post | Tough decision time

    • Thank you, Kristin! It was a hard decision that’s been culminating for a long time. It just hit me yesterday at orientation that I don’t have this and can’t do it. That just means I’ll be more active on Goodreads and Instagram!


  1. Oh no, I’m sad to see you go! Your blog was really excellent, but I totally understand your decision. Best of luck with everything!
    I’ll be following you on Goodreads and Instagram 🙂

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  2. Aww I’ll miss you so much! T_T I loved your blog, but I understand how difficult it is to run one. It’s a lot of work and if you’re already busy with life it’s not easy to keep up with it as well. I’ll miss you on wordpress but I’m glad that you’ll still be on goodreads! 😀 I wish you all the best and I hope that we’ll continue our bookish friendship on goodreads! XD ❤

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  3. That does sounds like an intense schedule. I completely understand your decision, blogging can be hard to balance with everything else and it always ends up taking more time than you think it will, I’ve found. Good luck with finishing your school and practicum!


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