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When I was a kid, I always found a way to convince my parents to let me sleep downstairs in the basement. Now, we never had a TV in our living room like most families. We keep ours in the basement. So, Fridays or Saturdays, I would convince them to let me sleep down there so I could watch one show.

What was that show?

Truth or Scare.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just around 30 seconds of it. This show was my shit. It basically took scary stories — haunted castles, weird creatures, hotels, etc — and had creepy music that combined with Michelle Trachtenberg’s really (to kid me) freaky voice. My mom remembers, to this day, me bursting outside and shouting about how I watched it all by myself and didn’t get scared.

There were more things like this, too. I also loved the shows Mystery Hunters (which Discovery Kids also did), Martin Mystery (a TV show also aired on Discovery Kids), and basically anything else. If you want links to some of this stuff, hit me up. I was young when I first watched a horror movie. I was around nine when I convinced my parents to let me go to The London Dungeon. If you don’t know what that is, Google it.

So, when Amazon came out with Lore last year, I got excited. But, I watched some of it and found it kind of dull and campy. Last month, I got bored of listening to audiobooks at work since I split my attention and find it hard to write meaningful reviews for all of you. Now I’m listening to podcasts.

Let’s just say I binged this podcast within three weeks. Over 80 episodes. And I binged it all.

I loved Aaron Mahnke’s voice. It was super soothing despite the creepy topics that he covered. Haunts, creatures, werewolves, animals, etc. Even though I loved his voice, I knew a lot of the lore he brought up because of my weird childhood interest in those things. That or just random research I did when I was curious after drinking a teensy bit too much and thinking of the fae or mermaids.

The music attached to the podcast really enhanced everything. It was beautiful music and fit with the soothing theme so well. It never got too creepy, although there were a few times where I felt sick to my stomach over something or had a chill go down my spine. Certainly doesn’t help that I work in a cave and have fears that he brought up.

Overall, I really enjoyed the podcast and can’t wait to listen to even more of it.