May Haul

Copy of Copy of Top Ten Tuesday

I was pretty good this month with books! My parents got me a couple of book boxes this month to celebrate being done with grad school, then I treated myself for new releases!



I got three books this month! Funny enough, I wasn’t a fan of The Secret History. But, I’m planning on reading Necessary People and The Buried in June or July! Aka, when there’s time and I’m in the mood for them.

Physical ARCs

I DNFed A Nearly Normal Family, so, obviously, that didn’t go over well. Still a huge thanks to BookishFirst and the publisher for sending me the ARC! Then, I got Magic for Liars! Another thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher! I really enjoyed this one. It was just so damn good.

Penguin Monarchs


I love these little books, so I got a few more that I will read in the next few months! I’m happy that I decided to get some of the earlier kings and I’m also excited to read about James I since he’s a monarch I want to know more about.



I love and look at this finished copy! I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this so I’m very happy that I own the finished version of it to enjoy.

Unplugged Book Box

As I said, my parents got me a couple of boxes. They got me the Adult and YA boxes offered by the wonderful company that this is.

The prompt for the YA box was If Not Now, When? It came with a pair of socks, face mask, small candle, and a mason jar. I loved the socks and candle! The mason jar is fantastic to drink out of, too. As for the book, I’m not too sure. I’ll give it a try but it’s about the aftermath of a school shooting. That’s not a topic I enjoy reading about. As I said, I’m going to give it a try!

The Adult box was a bit more my speed! The prompt for it was Grief, which was a very needed topic for me. It came with a hand towel, candle, face mask, essential oil roller, and candy. I absolutely love the candle and roller. I’ll definitely be using the face mask very soon as well! And the book sounds super interesting. I’m curious how it links with grief because it’s not very apparent.

Random Preorders and Buys


A couple of Sundays ago, I went with a friend from my master’s program to a boozy drag lunch. We parked near a used bookstore then walked, so when we got back (still a bit tipsy) we got books! This is my haul from that, which is, well, quite a few. I got Social Work Practice and Psychopharmacology and Dying Well for social work. Then, I’ve had my eye on Winter King, Manson, and Contagion for a while now. Then, One of Us and Serial Killers and Psychopaths fits my reading mood at the moment!

I got two preorders this month! Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered is just… ugh. I’m so damn excited to read this!! Same with If You See Her. I’m really excited since I love Ania Ahlborn. If you love horror, you have to check her out.

Talk to me!
Did you treat your shelf this month?
What books do you want to buy next?

Holiday Haul

Copy of Copy of Top Ten Tuesday

One thing y’all who took our 2018 survey said was that you wanted monthly book hauls. So, here we are! The first one! Since I celebrate Christmas, I’m super excited to be doing this because I got a lot of cool stuff.

All these pictures are my own! A lot of them were on our bookstagram, so there are some repeats. Then I also took pictures specifically for this! If you don’t follow our account, you totally should. We post multiple times a week and I usually try to do a story each day.

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