Book review – Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak

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Necessary People


CW: drug use, alcohol use, and toxic friendships

Ah, friendships. They can be good. They can be bad. And they can be ugly. I’ve definitely had my fair share of all those over the years, as has most everyone. This book is about one of those ugly ones.

Violet and Stella have been best friends for years. They met in college and quickly bonded despite coming from different backgrounds. Violet is from a family that wanted to look rich and be rich while Stella was from a family that actually was rich. After college, they decide to live together in a house paid for by Stella’s family. Stella decides to go travel around the world while Violet starts her career in cable news.

And Violet thrives. That makes Stella jealous because Stella is the one who’s supposed to succeed while Violet builds that image up.

This book is far from perfect, I will be honest. I know that if I had read this book at home, I probably would have given it 3.5 because it took so long to get to the whole point of the book. Like, over half of the book was setting the stage.

However, I read this on a plane ride. A plane ride where I was in first class (because my dad had points to score me first class tickets to Portland while I’ll be in economy going home) so I got free wine the whole time. I think the combination of wine and having only this book to read really helped it. This is a book I’d suggest you read in one sitting. Two tops. But, ideally, one sitting with wine if you drink/can drink.

Why? Because it’s a slow build. It takes its time. And, when you get there, it’s very satisfying. I was satisfied reading it and mulling over it on the plane. It’s truly a book about the devolution of a friendship. One succeeds and the other gets jealous over that success. Then, that break and Stella wanting to be better than Violet — as she has up until that point — and then Violet becoming more like Stella than she ever intended.

It’s just one of those books I know people will either love or hate. It doesn’t have a lot of action to it. For the subject matter, it’s very quiet and insidious rather than loud and bold. Personally, that really worked for me but I know it won’t for everyone. Either way, I’d read another “thriller” from this author. It impressed me and has put her on my radar for future reads.

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