30 Days of Pride – Day 4

It’s Day 4 of June and I’d like to talk about something we rarely talk about on the blog. Youtube.

Now, I watch a lot of Youtube. One of my favorite corners of Youtube is queer Youtube. There are so many queer Youtubers on the platform who spend so many hours making content only to get demonitized. Whether it’s for having terms like “lesbian” or “trans” in their title, the fact that Youtube refuses to admit it’s a problem is absolutely frustrating.

I think some of the most important videos I watch on Youtube are about being queer. If I had Youtube in its current form when I was in high school, I would’ve felt less alone.

One of my hopes with this blog was to recommend LGBTQ+ content for someone who may not have known about it because that’s what I would’ve wanted as a teen/young adult.

Without further ado, I’m going to talk about Jessica Kellgren-Fozard; one of my favorite YouTubers who is very open about being a lesbian and being disabled.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard's Youtube

I find a lot of the time that I live in my own little bubble. I wish I sought out more points of views that are different from mine. I think that’s how we can expand our minds.

In one of her videos, Jessica talks about the plastic straw ban from a disabled person’s point of view. I didn’t consider this point of view. She even goes into the alternatives to plastic straws and the positives and drawbacks. She talks about reusing her plastic straws to help the environment, which is something I never thought about doing. We all know that plastic is an issue, but it’s a much more complicated issue when talking about accessibility.

On a more lighter note, Jessica’s channel also features videos with her wife, Claudia which always ends up being super adorable. Something about seeing a happy couple just makes me smile.

Like this video where the two of them switch styles.

Whether her videos end up being informative or just plain adorable, I always enjoy watching Jessica’s videos when they pop up and it usually brings a little joy to my day.

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