30 Days of Pride – Day 3

I will read/watch anything if it has a queer main character. It doesn’t matter what genre, I will do anything to get my grubby gay hands on it. That’s what I did with this series! If you want me to read Mystery, make it gay.

Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle

Idyll Fears by Stephanie Gayle

I read Idyll Threats in 2015, it was a brand new mystery book and I was searching my local library for queer books. I was going through a rough time and reading about queer characters was a way of comforting myself. So this book and series have a special place in my heart because I read through it so fast.

When Idyll Fears came out, I got a signed, personalized copy from Stephanie Gayle herself, which meant the world to me! I appreciated it so much.

Caidyn bought Idyll Hands for me but I haven’t read it yet. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it. I love Thomas Lynch and he’s one of my favorite characters. Think Chief Hopper from Stranger Things, but gay.


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