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Thank you so much for getting this blog to 500 followers. Honestly, I can’t believe it! So, thank you so, so much for sticking around here with all of the changes and antics.

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I feel this is an accurate depiction of this blog sometimes.

Therefore, I want to do something for you all. No, not a giveaway. One day that will happen! I just need to save my money at the moment.

I want to do a Q&A! Y’all can ask any questions you want. About blogging, about managing this blog, about me, about grad school/social work. Whatever! So, pop on down to the comments and ask something!

But, again:

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19 thoughts on “500 Followers!!

  1. Congrats!!! 💖💖

    If you could only name your cats/dogs/children/plants after book characters from one book series, which book series and which names would you choose? Who was your favourite childhood author? What spell from Harry Potter do you wish you could use? What’s your favourite breakfast?

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