April Check-in

copy of copy of copy of top ten tuesday

Another month, another check-in! I know, I’m sure y’all are tired of seeing how I’m doing, but we’re not even halfway through the year yet!

Still, I did make some progress.

Top Ten

Right now, I only have three left from this list! I read Elizabeth I by Anne Somerset this month and I did give The Once and Future King a try. Didn’t work. I DNFed it, sadly, but it was just the language. Couldn’t get into it because it felt too much like Tolkien for my liking.


I actually finished it this month! I DNFed When the Sky Fell on Splendor and Golden State (didn’t review the second one), then I read Girls with Sharp Sticks and One Word Kill. I’m going to bump the number up from 15 to 20 since I’m really enjoying reading the genre!

Historical Women

The only book about a historical woman that I read was Elizabeth I. That means I’m sitting at 9/25 books right now. I wish that was a bit better, but, as you saw from my TBR, I have a few lined up to fix this!


I made no progress here. I’m still at 11/20 (remember, I bumped it up from 10 last month) and I’m going to read a couple in May.


I made no progress here and have no reads planned for this as of right now. Right now, I’m not going to read much horror. I need lighter and/or historical nonfiction reads, so this won’t be around unless I suddenly change my mind!

Talk to me!
If you’re doing reading challenges, how are they going?
What books are you hoping to read more of in May?

2 thoughts on “April Check-in

  1. I think you’re doing pretty well!
    I haven’t checked my challenges in a while, but I think mine are looking quite okay 🙂 I’m reading one classic a month, but I forgot to read a classic last month, so I’m reading two now 🙂


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