April Haul

Copy of Copy of Top Ten Tuesday

Since this month was my birthday, I totally got a lot of stuff for myself. Basically all book things. So, there’s that.

Indulge me, now, in showing you the shit I got.



I got three books this month! Lost and WantedMiracle Creek, and When the Sky Fell on Splendor. I’m really excited to read Miracle Creek, but I know that I won’t be reading Lost and Wanted for a while since it involves grief.

Unplugged Book Box (x2)

I got both the YA and Adult book box from the lovely Unplugged. First, the YA.

I’m super excited to read this book! I also loved the liquid soap. I used it in a bath and it was great. I did give my mom the lotion because I don’t use lotion.

Then, the Adult! I’m very excited about the book. The bath bomb was great. I gave my mom the lip scrub and face oil since I don’t always use those and I figured she’d enjoy it more than me!


Then, Owlcrate. I 100% guessed the book. And I knew I wanted the special cover. I actually am using the pop socket. I gave my mom the scarf and notebook. But, I was more excited about the book!

Other stuff

Finally, the other stuff! I preordered Ragged Alice, Wicked Saints, and The Luminous Dead. I decided to get the whole Charlotte Holmes (besides the last book) and Wayfarers series. I also got Girls with Sharp SticksThe Priory of the Orange Tree, Needful Things, and The Books of Esther, Song of Songs, and Ruth.

Talk to me!
Did anyone treat your shelf as much as I did this month?

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