Top Ten Tuesday – Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

Writing this post up made me realize that, really, I don’t really know what makes me pick up a book! I just, kinda, do it. So, let’s embark on my journey of self-discovery.

  • It’s by a favorite author.

I have a few authors that I automatically buy from or know immediately that I’m going to check it out. Mark Lawrence is one  major one. Then, Stephen King is another author I always check out because I usually like his books.

  • It has an asexual MC.

Gotta love that rep. Good rep, at least. Usually, I’ll pick up a book if there’s a hint of a character being on the ace spectrum. Doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it, but I’ll pick it up.

  • It’s horror…

Now, I love horror. Really love it. And, I’ll pick a book up if I hear that it has some sort of horror elements to it.

  • Or a mystery…

I also love mystery. I love reading these as ARCs for some reason, but I do read them pretty often. I do enjoy them!

  • Or fantasy…

Yes. Fantasy. I think this is the genre that I read the most of anymore. I really enjoy fantasy and how it literally will take me away from whatever’s going on.

  • Or sci-fi.

Sci-fi is becoming something I’m gravitating to more since I’ve had really good luck this year with reading them! It’s kind of like fantasy, tbh. Just takes me away from the world.

  • My friends with similar tastes hype it up.

I definitely have reviewers/friends I pay attention to when I’m considering a book. If they like something, usually I’ll like it. Or, I’ll like it but maybe a bit more or less than them. So, I really do value reading reviews when I make decisions!

  • I keep hearing about it.

Good, bad, meh. If it’s always on my dash — bookstagram, blog, or Goodreads — I’ll pick it up and give it a try.

  • The title catches my attention.

I’m huge on titles. If it’s a good title, I’ll give it a try. Titles usually catch my attention.

  • It has a good cover and good description.

And, like everyone else, I do like a good cover. However, that’s not enough for me. It also has to have a good description. Because, a good cover isn’t going to be enough for me.

Talk to me!
What makes you pick up books?
Do we share any reasons?

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