March Wrap-up


March. Our two-year blogiversary. The month that I decided to give myself a break. We also reached 450 followers on here and we’re getting closer to 800 on Instagram. I love y’all and I don’t think that I can express that enough!

But, on with seeing what I read and some quick stats.

A lot of these reviews are on Goodreads only. I linked all of them here, but I’m glad that I’m making the choice to be more selective about my reviews. That means, I’ve separated out the reviews I put on the blog and ones I only put on Goodreads. If you don’t follow or aren’t friends with me, you should! I have a challenge question, but it’s just about your three favorite books and why.

Anyways, I read 35 books! I honestly think that’s the most I’ve ever read. Probably because I binged the Harry Potter series in the last week of the month. Seriously. Lots of reading, but totally worth it. And, my average rating was 3.88! That’s the highest I’ve ever had when I flipped back over the past months. Seriously. I’m damn proud of that (again, thanks to my impulsive reread).

Reviews on the Blog

Reviews only on Goodreads

Talk to me!
What was your favorite read this month??

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