Book review – The One by John Marrs

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The One


CW: miscarriages, kidnapping, serial killers, adultery, cancer, and murder

I went into this book thinking that it was just going to be a thriller or mystery or something like that. But, really, it’s more sci-fi/dystopian. The book focuses around five people who get Matched with someone through a new and innovative tool called Match Your DNA. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You send your DNA in and based on the pool they have collected of others who have submitted theirs, you get matched to your perfect half.


On one hand, that sounds like a great way to honestly find someone you’re perfect for. On the other, it sounds like there are so many things that could go wrong that it isn’t even funny.

As I said, there are five perspectives. Mandy has been recently left by her husband when he got Matched behind her back. She decides to get matched as well so she can find her perfect person and, perhaps, start a family. Christopher is, well, a serial killer. Yeah. We went from 0 to 180 right there. But, he decides to get Matched as well. And his Match may or may not be great for him. Jade gets matched and, sadly, her Match is in Australia. The only thing is, he hasn’t been telling her the whole truth about his life. Nick is happily engaged to Sally, but they decided to take the test to see if they’re a Match. They’re not. And Nick’s Match? Not exactly who he expected. Finally, there’s Ellie. She’s a smart businesswoman who has clawed her way up to get where she is. Still, she decides to give Match a try, but she holds a secret close to her chest.

The best thing was that I never got confused about the characters. Seriously. I didn’t. They were all very distinct with storylines that were distinct. I wish that there had been more interconnectedness between them — like, somehow, each story tied in together — but it was nice.

The chapters are also super short. And, they each end in a little mini-cliffhanger. Not saying that’s a good or a bad thing, but each story was compelling and I wanted to know what happened. I desperately had to know what the next step would be in each story.

It was a very good book and was very enjoyable to read. While I wish it had been more thriller-y, each story each had their own twists of good and bad things so I was satisfied the whole time. Finishing this on Valentine’s day was definitely a great present to myself!

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