Book review – You by Caroline Kepnes

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CW: stalking, death, murder, dubious consent, and shitty people

A very long time ago, I read this book and loved it. I’m pretty sure that I devoured You in an afternoon just because it was so good and compelling. It blew me away. Honestly, it still does.

Now that it’s been made into a TV show — which is fantastic; I highly recommend watching it — everyone knows about it and is talking about it. That doesn’t surprise me. It’s a very fitting story.

Joe Goldberg is a bookstore owner in New York, which is when he meets Guinevere Beck, or just Beck. And, like any rational man, he becomes obsessed with her and starts stalking her. Because, she’s his girlfriend. She just doesn’t know it yet.

God, Joe is such a hard character to read. He’s incredibly creepy and disturbing. I mean, he breaks into her house, follows her, finds a way to reintroduce himself, and worms his way into her life. That’s so fucking creepy. He slowly tries to get her away from her friends while still supporting her. He finds the unstable people that she surrounds herself with and finds ways to get them away from her.

However, I still found myself so fascinated by him and kind of rooting for him along the way. Joe is an incredibly charming man. One of those guys that you would feel that you won the lottery with if you stumbled upon.

Yet… he’s certifiably insane. (Well, I kid. He’s just very scary and lacks insight into his maladaptive behaviors.)

I’m so glad that I reread this as my anti-Valentine’s day kick. Maybe I’ll find a way to squeeze in Hidden Bodies to keep the fun going.

Talk to me!
Have you read this? Have you watched the show? What did you think?
What do you think of Joe?

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