Book review – A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

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A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic, #3)


CW: death, murder, abuse, homophobia, and death of loved ones

Yes, I finished it. I did it. I finished this damn series and, I have to say, I’m really glad that it’s over. But, as you can tell, I liked this book. I liked it. It was generally enjoyable, although I’m very done with the series and, for the moment, Schwab as an author.

So, let’s talk more about it.

This book was very predictable. I kind of saw where it was going. Who would take the throne. Who would live. Who would die. All those things. I kind of guessed it because, well, Schwab is predictable to me. Her books, especially in this series, have the same feel to them.

For a good third of the book, I was bored out of my mind and skimming because nothing was happening. I was worried it was going to be like A Gathering of Magic all over again. But, things happened and the pace picked up and all those good things.

However, it felt like A Darker Shade of Magic. That ending? Jeez. Wrapped up too easily. It just went too fast and I was just like “that’s it??” I wasn’t impressed by it and could have gone without it.

But, the character development in this book alone was fantastic. However, it has that double-edged sword in it. Why didn’t she do it sooner? Why didn’t she build these fantastic characters up in the first two books? Hell, she had more than enough time in the second book when nothing was going on.

It infuriated me. The lack of pacing in this book really bogged it down. I was talking to Chantel (who was shocked I was reading this book) about it. And I told her that if Schwab had cut out the second book, added in some of the plot development and the ending from the second book to the first book, it would have been a great series.

Yet, it’s not. I’m very disappointed by this series because it has such an amazing premise, then the ball was completely dropped to the point that I wondered — and still wonder — why it’s beloved by the book community. I’ve read it and I don’t get it.

In summary: I tolerate Lila. Kell is okay. Rhy is great and I wish his angst had been explored sooner rather than stuck in. I wish lots of characters had been explored more in depth throughout the series rather than doing it all at once.

But will I continue with her new series in this universe?

I don’t know. This was such a disappoint to me that I don’t want to see what it has in store. I can honestly say I won’t revisit this series again.

Talk to me!
Ever finished a book or series that you were glad to see the back of?
Do you like Schwab? Please tell me why!

7 thoughts on “Book review – A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

  1. I’m still on the fence for Schwab, but I’ve only read her villains duology. I liked her writing but not the pacing of them (every chapter flipped time frames and I got whiplash and a slump). I’d like to try City of Bones before this trilogy but we’ll see?!!

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    • I read City of Ghosts by her and I was deeply unimpressed. I’ve read better middle school ghost stories. One of my favorite series of all time is Lockwood & Co. Soooo much better.

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  2. i am so extremely daunted by the idea of reading this book that even looking at it sends me into full-body shivers. guh. i admire your strength, and, above all, CONGRATULATIONS

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