My Bad Reading Habits Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Ally to do this! Her answers are great (and, her blog is fantastic) so you should check her out if you don’t already follow her.

I won’t lie, I have a few bad reading habits, so I’m happy to call myself out on them! Anyways, let’s get this roast over wtih.

Reading while doing something else.

I’m king at this one.

Seriously. It’s crazy what I do at times.

I read while I’m…

  • Watching TV
  • Listening to music
  • Doing homework
  • Cleaning my room

I read all the time, but I’m also not devoting my full attention to what I’m reading. Yet, I need to have some kind of background noise as I read.

Impulse buy books…

I do this a lot. That’s why I have about 500 books (I think) that I haven’t read and own. This isn’t even including Kindle books. It’s a problem. I’ve gotten better at it, but not too much tbh.

…and then never reading them.


They kind of pile up and I forget about them. The nice thing is, I refind them so it’s really exciting when I do read them because I forget that I actually own them.

Reading a million books at once

I do this a lot. I usually read, like, five books at once.

Now, that’s not counting the stuff I read for school. But, usually, I read about five books at once. I have a book I read in the morning with coffee. Then, I have one I read at work during lunch or down time. (That’s usually an ARC or something on my phone.) Then, I have books that I read in the afternoon or evening. And, they’re all different books.

Adding books to my TBR that I probably won’t read

This is why I have nearly 2000 books on my TBR list.

It’s a problem. It’s a sickness. I’m probably never going to stop doing it, even though I should.

So, those are my bad habits. Or, at least, some of them.

I’m going to tag Virginia, Emily, and Hayley! No pressure to do it if you don’t want to, but you’re tagged in it!

Talk to me!
What’s your worst reading habit?

27 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits Tag

  1. Definitely adding more and more books to my TBR that I’ll probably never read. 🙂 There are just so many books I want to read.

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  2. I definitely add too many books to my TBR. Also, I don’t impulse-buy but I do impulse-order from my local library. And then I NEED to read them before my hold on them ends. Which means the books I actually own get neglected. Oops

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