January Wrap-up


What a month.

I went back to school. Lots of reading done. And, a huge blogging milestone was reached! I still can’t believe there are 400 of you following us, so thank you for being here through thick and thin. It’s amazing and we love having you here.

I read 21 books this month with an average rating of 3.4! Tbh, that’s not bad. I read a lot of books that I wasn’t a huge fan of, so DNFed. Or they just didn’t rate as highly as I wanted them to in the end.

Hopefully, in February, my rating will be a bit higher!

Talk to me!
How was your January?
What were your favorite books?

16 thoughts on “January Wrap-up

    • Reading is my main way of self-care, so I have to read or I will actually go insane. I also have a habit of reading 5 books at once. But, thank you! ❤ ❤ I'm glad you enjoy them.

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      • I’m embarrassed to say that I keep meaning to read anything by Gaiman but haven’t yet. Whereas, I have read almost all of Maureen Johnson’s books so I’m disappointed that this one might not be so good especially since she hadn’t written anything in a while.

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      • Gaiman definitely has a specific flavor, you know? I generally like him, but I’ve had many hits and misses of his stuff. And, I hope you enjoy the book when you get to it!

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    • American Gods has been one of my favorite books since high school. I’ve read it, at least, six times. And I love the audiobook.

      Thanks! It’ll be an interesting one since I, like usual, have an unpopular opinion.


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