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One thing y’all who took our 2018 survey said was that you wanted monthly book hauls. So, here we are! The first one! Since I celebrate Christmas, I’m super excited to be doing this because I got a lot of cool stuff.

All these pictures are my own! A lot of them were on our bookstagram, so there are some repeats. Then I also took pictures specifically for this! If you don’t follow our account, you totally should. We post multiple times a week and I usually try to do a story each day.

Book of the Month


First, I got two books from BotM! I read For Better and Worse last month and really enjoyed it, so I decided to get myself a physical copy. Then I also got No Exit, which I read this month. It was a twisty ride that I enjoyed a lot.

I have quite a few backlog books to read from BotM that I want to tackle in 2019.

Unplugged Book Box


Another book subscription box that I got in December was Unplugged Book Box. Sadly, this month is my last month for financial reasons, but I still love them. Each box comes with a book, bookish items, and some self-care items. The mug is inspired by Narnia, the hot coco was delicious, the candle smells amazing, and that little foil wrapped thing was a shower steamer that made my life better.

I highly recommend this box if you’re looking for something new!

Amazon Giftcards

I actually had to buy Amazon giftcards off my dad, but I did it and I got a TON of books. And other things. I got some Funko pops, but I’m not taking pictures of them. I’m too lazy for that. This is what you get.


First set of pictures, I obviously treated my shelf well.

I wanted to get a few classics that were on my wishlist, so I had to get the beautiful word cloud type. Then, I wanted to finish out my collection of books by Ania Ahlborn. She’s one of my favorite horror authors. Each time I read her, she blows me away. I did the same with Dan Jones, who’s one of my favorite nonfiction authors. Finally, I got Sadie, which was one of my favorite books from this year.

Next pictures:


I got another beautiful word cloud version of a favorite classic. I already own a couple copies but I don’t care at all. Then, I got Her Pretty Face, a favorite mystery from this year. And, I rounded it out with a couple YA books I enjoyed from this year!

Final picture for this section:


I love Shakespeare and I’m always supremely shocked when I don’t own one something by him. But, the word cloud version is amazing. It’s golden and has some metallic glint to it and ugh. I love it. And, then I got another YA book I enjoyed this year!

From Chantel

So, Christmas Eve, Chantel and I opened our presents on a video chat. It was fun, but I want to show off the beautiful things she got me. (Because she knows me so fucking well.)


For this, she got me wino stuff because she thinks I’m a wino. I love wine and that’s just my alcohol of choice. But, she got me a capabunga, which is something you put on top of a wine bottle and it seals your bottle. You can put it sideways and everything. Amazing. Then, she got me wine socks that are my favorite thing ever.


Next, she got me a gorgeous edition of classic Greek myths. It’s seriously beautiful and I’ve put it with my other pretty editions, which you can see behind the picture.


Finally, she got me two Funkos. And I nearly cried. I was freaking out. She had me open one first and had another thing marked for me to open last. So, I love the show Hannibal if y’all don’t know. It’s my favorite thing in the world. And I’ve wanted Funkos from the show forever, but they’re so expensive. Before buying stuff off Amazon, I asked her if I can buy myself stuff or if I have to wait. These are on my wishlist, but she knew I wouldn’t buy them for myself because of the prices.

I opened Will first and died because I wasn’t expecting it at all. Then, I started freaking out more when I realized the other thing I had to open was the shape of a Funko as well. And it was Hannibal. These are never coming out of their boxes. I might have to buy those plastic protectors for them. My life was made with these.

That’s my haul. I know I rambled, but you shouldn’t expect anything else from me by now! I want to leave you with this other picture off our Instagram:


My mom! She’s a librarian and each year she has to do a YA reading challenge, so I recommended her some of my favorites. And she also made me put the puppies in the picture as well.

Talk to me!
What did you get for Christmas?
What was your favorite gift?

7 thoughts on “Holiday Haul

    • I know! I’m super impressed with my haul for this month. And, Unplugged is AMAZING. I seriously recommend it. They have a great philosophy and amazing products. Not pictured is a recipe card, a gratitude card, and then the book comes with an envelope with a letter you read after you finish the book that links the book to the theme of the month. Seriously impressive. I’m going to get it for myself in April for my birthday!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I just looked at some previous months and I love it! I don’t know if I could justify it on a regular basis, but it does sound like a really great birthday present for myself. I might have to steal your idea and get it for myself in May.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I definitely encourage that choice! The boxes go on sale the first of the month before, so you could be able to get May’s box as of April 1st. So, that’s a great idea to me. I love what they’ve been doing.

        Liked by 1 person

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