The Sunshine Blogger Award


I got nominated by Lori @ Betwined Reads to do this! Thank you so, so much for the tag and sorry that it takes me, like, 20 years to get to them! If you aren’t following Lori, you totally should.

  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and link back to their blog
  2. Answer the questions your nominator has provided
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer
  4. List the rules and display the award

Now, let’s get to it!

1. Which fictional character do you think best represents you?

Hmm. That’s a tough one! I know that there’s a tag on here of various characters that we felt really attuned to, but I cannot find it for the life of me. (I did search! I looked through the posts, but oh well.)

There are so many that I could choose between, but I have come to see that I’m just super connected with Harry Potter.

Image result for harry potter gif

He’s kind. He’s caring. He’s a sarcastic little shit. He’s seen things that people shouldn’t. I always felt like his personality fit me so well.

2. What book do you most regret ever having bought?

SO. MANY. But, tbh, Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir. I still own it because I scribbled all over that son of a bitch and I can’t sell it. So if anyone wants a heavily annotated book that I think is shitty, hmu.

3. If you watch BookTube, who are some of your favorite creators?

I don’t watch BookTube! I’m not really a Youtube kind of guy, but I know there are some good ones!

4. Who gave you your love of reading?

My parents. From day one, my parents encouraged reading. They told me stories. They read to me. When I was a baby, they gave me the bottom two shelves of a bookshelf so I could put my books there and get them out. I’d put them in stacks and pretend to read them when I was big enough to sit up but not to actually read. My parents would only let me bring one book with me when we’d go out, but I’d stuff two under my arms and just stare at the door not making eye contact until they let me leave.

Definitely my parents because they never blocked or restricted me. They let me be and do what I wanted.

5. Do you prefer in-person or online book clubs?

I’m not a book club kind of guy…? I mean, I love reading books with people, but book clubs freak me out. I like talking about books, but I don’t like meeting up.

6. How do you organize your upcoming blog posts?

Hahahahahaha organization.

But, I have a few ways. I have a journal that I keep a list of books I read monthly. Then I have an agenda that I write the blog post down per date and plan out what goes where through the month. Then I also use a to-do list app (called Todoist and it’s my favorite thing ever) that I put down what to do.

The only reason I’m doing this post is because I put it on my weekly to-do list on the specific day I’m writing it. Seriously.

7. What do you think of fans who write angry letters/direct messages to an author?

I think their childish.

I mean, I get it. I want to write to JKR or Moffat or John Green (although not a fan of 2/3; guess which!) to reem them for shit they’ve done. But, is it going to get anywhere? Nope. So. It’s childish.

8. How would you try to convert an non-reader into a reader?

I don’t think I would. Not everyone is a reader or will be a reader. Some just don’t have any interest in reading or books. Sure, we might think it’s limiting, but the whole reading community can be pretty elitist at times.

But, I’d suggest audiobooks first. Maybe that would work best for them because it’s the same material in a different medium. And, for this, I’m thinking of people who have a disability or are illiterate.

9. If you could frame one book cover and hang it up in your house, which cover would it be?

The Terror

I think this is just a beautiful cover, although it’s definitely not one that you’d see often.

10. Which fictional character do you love that you think would be horrible in real life?

Oh man. I think Sir Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. That man is hilarious and funny, but he’d be a pissant to deal with.

11. What’s one of your favorite blog posts that you would like to receive a little more love?

Jeez. Q&A review – Becoming a Visible Man by Jamison Green needs more love. It was a “review” that Chantel and I did about my experience as a transman, relating it back to a fantastic book by the activist Jamison Green. And, if you want to learn more about being trans, it’s a book you need to check out. Hell, even if you don’t want to, you need to check it out because transmen are the invisible ones half the time.

So, there it is! My answers to Lori’s fantastic questions. I’m going to recycle some for my own, tbh!

  1. Which fictional character do you think best represents you?
  2. Which fictional character do you love that you think would be horrible in real life?
  3. What’s one of your favorite blog posts that you would like to receive a little more love? (Because I want to give it more love!!)
  4. What was your favorite class in school? Could be elementary, middle school, high school, or any kind of higher education.
  5. What’s a meal that takes you back to childhood?
  6. If you do subscription boxes, what’s your favorite? If you don’t, which one(s) would you want to get?
  7. What’s one song you are listening to on repeat?
  8. Who gave you your love of reading?
  9. What’s your favorite way to relax?
  10. Do you read nonfiction? If so, what do you like reading the best? If not, why not?
  11. What’s your favorite TV show and why?

As for nominations, I’m going to do it! And I’m doing it by nominating some of our newer followers who I haven’t necessarily gotten to know much about yet.

Emily | Krystin | Carolina | Jennifer | Beth | Rosemarie | Lori | Kacey | Kaira

12 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I totally agree that people who write angry letters to authors are childish. Are there things I want to say about some bad books? Yes. Am I ever going to be that person who directly contacts an author to tell them? Nope.

    Also, audiobooks! That’s a great choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh for sure! It’s just childish and tiring. Trust me, there are people I’d love to ream out but it’s not productive or polite to do.

      Audiobooks are fantastic and great ways to get people into it if you start with and find the right ones!


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