Book review – The Devouring by Simon Holt

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The Devouring (The Devouring, #1)

Buddy read with Amy!


CW: general scary scenes and abandonment by a parent

This is another reread/finally finishing a series that I’m taking part in! And, I am really glad that this book lived up to the hype I put in my brain. This isn’t a popular series. In fact, only three of my friends have read and rated this book. Crazy, right?

The Devouring follows a broken family. Reggie is in high school and has to fill the role her mother had before she left the family. Her father is a workaholic and she had a little brother, Henry. She goes to school, cooks, cleans, takes care of her brother, and also works at a bookstore. At her job, she finds a weird journal with an insane story about Sorry Night.

Sorry Night is when the Vours can come into human bodies. Vours are demonic beings that make people live their worst fears.

Reggie doesn’t take the story seriously until she has to.

I read this book wayyy back in high school and I remember really enjoying it. Enough that I found and bought all three books. I don’t remember reading the whole series, but I must have since they’re all rated by me on Goodreads.

It was a funny and creepy book. I loved reading it in the mornings while I drink my coffee. When I had to leave for practicum or work, I couldn’t wait until the next morning so I could pick it right back up. The story was fun. The characters were great. And I can’t wait to rediscover where the rest of the books take me.

Talk to me!
What’s fear would the Vours prey on for you?

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