August Wrap-up


August is done and here we are! To the fun wrap-up where we list what we read/wrote.

As you all know, Chantel is taking a hiatus for the time being so I, Caidyn, am mainly going to be writing. But, if you haven’t already, you all should check out her Soundtrack of My Life series. She’s on track seven and I always love reading them!

But, onto the rest of it all.

This month, I read 22 books. I’m pretty impressed by that, honestly! And, my average was 2.8, so not the best. Again, all those damn DNFs. But, I never regret them!

I loved this! It was so affirming for me! And, I gave it 5/5.

This one was a DNF for me. I thought it was a lot of talk with nothing going on. I gave it 1.5/5.

Alas, another DNF. Not King’s shining moment, so I gave it 1/5.

I loved My Lady Jane and this one was so much fun as well. A lovely 4/5!

This was an ARC and I kind of enjoyed it. Far too predictable for little old me. 2/5

Another ARC, but I didn’t like the message of that it was presenting so I DNFed it. 1.5/5.

This was an ARC, but it was published back in March. I received it and read it. It was interesting but definitely niche. 3/5.

A present from my friend a while ago! I enjoyed it a whole lot and I feel it added to my knowledge. 4/5

Probably the hardest book I read and rated this month. I liked it, but I didn’t like it. But I thought the message was beautiful. 3/5

I loved the message of this even if it’s one that’s not popular with most liberals right now. I gave it 4/5 and sincerely believe everyone should read this.

Another hard one for me. I gave it 4/5 but I had lots of issues with it and couldn’t condone things presented.

This is the novella that goes with The Wicker King. I gave it 2/5 because it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

Another ARC that I really enjoyed! There were aspects I didn’t like, but it was so strong. An easy 4/5.

An awkward book that I liked but also didn’t like. I just don’t like magical realism. 2.5/5.

Another sad DNF of an ARC. I gave it 1.5/5.

Yes, another DNF of an ARC. I got a physical copy (and am looking to trade it to a good home) and it didn’t work for me at all. Definitely had a niche for people as well, but not mine. 1/5

This was a really strong debut! There were things I didn’t like, but Ernshaw is an author I’ll look out for! 3/5

This review will be posted in September so the link will take you to the Goodreads page. It’s a DNF for me. Suffered the same issues as a few other books I read this month. 1/5

Another review that will post in September! But, I gave it 2/5 seriously unimpressed by it.

This will be up in September as well! I gave it 3.5/5!

Another September, but it was a whole lot of fun! A nice, fluffy read, really. 4/5

Yep, more September publishing reviews! (I ran out of days and I don’t like double posting unless I have to.) But, I blame Melanie for this one. I gave this 4/5!

Talk to me!
Did you read any of the same books I did? What did you think?
What was your favorite book from August?

5 thoughts on “August Wrap-up

    • We both had a bad month, I guess! I’m so glad you loved The Secret Place. Tana French is just… ugh. So good. She’s way more than a mystery writer. But, I hope you love My Plain Jane!!

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  1. Hehehe! Blame away, my love! but seriously, thank you so much for for birthday buddy reading with me. It means more to me than you’ll ever know! Forever thankful for you, Caidyn! Happy September and happy reading, love! 💖xx

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