Hey, everyone!

We’ve been commenting on people’s posts, but we’re not seeing it show up! Such as Brittany’s lovely post about how problematic JKR is, Justine’s amazing rendition of our BW Mid Year Tag (!!!!), and our nomination for The Sunshine Blogger by Catherine. (These are the three we could think of off the top of our head, but yeah!)

We want to make sure that everyone sees our comments since we try to comment on posts every day.

We’ve seen posts from people saying that they’ve had the same issue, so we’ve been double checking our spam box for stray comments that have gone there.

Can everyone check their spam box to make sure they haven’t been sent there?

19 thoughts on “Spam?

  1. I am shocked! It is your comments are in the spam folder in too! I have no idea what’s happening but I think I have an idea. A set of some random letters and numbers of users have been spamming comments on a different blog post last week? I was one of those people who’d been commented on. Maybe WordPress is preventing it too. IDK but they have to work it out.

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    • Oh, we get a lot of spam that’s rightfully spam. But then there are some nestled in there that aren’t spam. I have no clue what’s going on. Feel free to delete my attempts to comment since I know I tried a few times. I appreciate WordPress keeping it all clean, but it’s annoying when I know it’s not spam and I’ve commented on their things before!

      – Caidyn


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