Children of the Corn by Stephen King

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Children of the Corn


I got into a huge Stephen King mood the other day, so I started searching around. This one was there for Kindle for, like, $1. I had to. I just had to. So, I got it because I remember liking the movie and I forgot he actually wrote it. (Isn’t it crazy how you can forget his huge body of work?)

But, since this is such a short story, this is going to be a pretty short review.

I thought it was a solid story. It had a great basis and it was interesting the whole time. Even if I knew the jist of the story, I wanted to find out more and see where the story went because I couldn’t quite predict where it was going.

Yet, the story was a bit too short. Things got revealed too quickly and I didn’t think there was a huge payoff at the end. It needed that little bit more, it was basically begging for a longer story to be attached to the vignette.

So, I liked it but I wished that there was more to it.

Talk to me!

Have you read this and/or seen the movie? Which do you prefer?

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