Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



TW: death (lots of it again) and PTSD

What to say about this book?

Obviously, I liked it. But I didn’t think it was as good as Illuminae, despite everyone telling me that it would be as good as that and even better. It just wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, honestly.

The characters were good. I liked the new introductions of Hanna, Nik, and Ella. They were complex and interesting and good shoulders to carry the plot on. Especially Hanna. Give me a BA woman who also embraces her femininity while kicking everyone’s ass any day. Same with Ella.

However, I thought they were far too much like Kady and Ezra. The romance between Hanna and Nik was nearly a carbon copy of Kady and Ezra’s, yet without the spark that made it believable. Hanna and Ella were also just like Kady. Nik had a lot of the same threads of Ezra. It was all just too familiar to me, which means I got a bit bored by it.

Then, the plot. I loved the invasion theme because it worked so well for the book. But then we got into other areas that just, well, didn’t hold my attention.

Spoilers for those who haven’t read this book!

Wormholes have bored me since Moffat started overusing them to solve plot holes that he created. It just wasn’t interesting to me. I’m so used to wormholes and time travel and shit like that to solve problems with plot that I didn’t want to pay attention anymore.

Then, and more spoilers, if you’re going to kill people, let them stay dead. Seriously. You killed them. Don’t bring them back. Bringing back Nik and Ella didn’t exactly float my boat because — after years of watching Supernatural and Doctor Who — I find it a mark of a weak writer to just bring back characters you just killed off.

Spoilers over!

So, that’s my take on Gemina. It was good but not great and it was far too much like Illuminae for me to get completely involved in what the characters were doing and feeling. I wanted something more different from the first book and I got a book that had the same characters with different names.

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