Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



TW: death (lots of it), PTSD, war, and psychosis

After DNFing this in 2016 because it literally bored me within 100 pages and I couldn’t care about anyone/anything, I decided to pick it up again. I actually have the whole series at my house because the library had all of them available. So, I thought, why not?

And, this time, I wound up enjoying it. Really enjoying it.

The hardest thing about this book is the length. It’s 600 pages. That’s long. And, it takes 200-300 pages to get the story going. Everything else before that is setting the stage. I didn’t actually care about the main characters until that 200-300 page point. The plot interested me, but I didn’t care for the characters.

Now, I did like them in the end. They reminded me of two other characters from something else, so I loved their dynamic. Her calling him an idiot, him being all lovey with her. Their arguments about stupid things. It was great fun. And, along the way, I got attached to them and what would happen to them.

The way the story was told has its pros and cons. While I loved how unique it was, I also think it kept me from getting attached to Kady and Ezra. Yet, I also think that if it was told traditionally, I would have pulled out my hair with frustration because I don’t need to get all of that teen angst thrown at me.

Kady was great. I loved how determined she was and that she was reckless while also keeping herself in check at times. She was a smart girl who took on the world. Ezra was also great. The exact opposite of Kady. He’s more emotional and with that comes emotional recklessness. But, he was great because he knew how to keep control of himself. They felt like teenagers without it killing me, which is a huge kudos to the authors right there.

The most interesting part, to me, was when the virus came in. I can’t exactly get into it because it happened so late in the book, but it was fascinating and I count that as when I got interested in the book as a whole. Before that, I could have put it down and not felt like I was missing anything. After that, I knew I had to continue to see what was going to happen.

All in all, it’s a good book. There are things I didn’t like about it, especially how long it took me to really get invested in it, but I can overlook those and happily move onto book two.

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