Sunshine Blogger Award: 2 & 3

This is our second and third time doing this one. A while ago, we got tagged a first time and it was a whole lot of fun to do. Then, a couple of months ago, we got tagged by Emma. And then, we got tagged by Alienor as well! So, here we are. Doing them at the same time. Because we like doing it like this.
Caidyn will be in blue.
Chantel will be in purple.

Emma’s questions!

1. Kiss, marry, kill: The main characters of the last three fiction books you read.

The three last books I read are: Beneath the Sugar Sky, The Plague, and And Then There Were Four.

I’d kill Siddhu from The Plague, marry Cora from Beneath the Sugar Sky, and kill everyone from And Then There Were Four.

The last three books I read were: Fire Song, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

I would kiss Shane from Fire Song, marry Harry from Chamber of Secrets, and kill Harry from Sorcerer’s Stone because we don’t need two Harrys. 

2. Would you rather be an elegant princess/prince type character in a fairytale, or a witchy badass villain?
I’d rather be a witchy badass villain. Life as a goody-two-shoes is sooo dull.

Image result for badass villain gif
And this is why Chantel thinks I’m a Slytherin.

Has anyone ever read Princess, Princess Ever After? Well, I would be Princess Amira who is the Princess Charming who saves Princess Sadie because fuck gender roles. 

3. You fall into a pit of acid or get bit by an exotic spider or into a verbal altercation with a wizard, and you’re given the power to pull things out of books. Which book are you reaching into first???

okay emma i feel attacked because i hate spiders
I’d pick IT because I could a) pull out Pennywise and then we’d all be fucked or b) pull out the Loser’s club.

I don’t like this scenario, but I would probably reach for Harry Potter because it’s magic, yo. 

4. You’re being sent to a desert island and you can only bring one book, and it has to be one you haven’t read yet. What book are you bringing?

A BOOK I HAVEN’T READ. COME. ON. I’d pick Insomnia by Stephen King because it’s been on my TBR for years and it’s also huge so I’ll be entertained for ages.

Oh dammmmmnnnnn that’s just mean. I’d probably bring my entire collection of Sherlock Holmes because there are a lot of novels and stories with our favorite detective. 

5. Link your favorite blog post of yours!

I really liked our Hogwarts Tag series. Chantel came up with the idea, but I loved it. We did one for each house where we picked a trait from the house and put a character to it. It was a whole lot of fun. Here are the links: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

That was a lot of fun. I think I liked the OMG This Song Book Tag most because it combines books and music. Two of my favorite things. 

6. Which Hogwarts house would you most want to be in, and which do you want to be in least?

Fun fact: Pottermore has sorted me into every single house. I got Slytherin the first two times. Then Gryffindor a couple of times. Hufflepuff once. Ravenclaw once or twice.

So this is a hard one.

Chantel thinks I’m a Slytherin, as I said above, because I’m very ambitious and can be quite mean at times. However, I would want to be in it least. I’d like to be a Gryffinclaw the most.

You are a Slytherin and I am a proud Hufflepuff, but I don’t want to be a Slytherin. I don’t think I would fit in very well. Especially not if Malfoy was there. 

7. Would you rather have a pet unicorn or grow a mermaid’s tail when you touch water?

Mermaid’s tail.

Image result for bearded mermaid calendar
I’d be glorious.

Pet Unicorn. Obviously. 

8. The last book you gave 5 stars and the last book you gave 1 star?

I gave The Cruel Prince five stars on GR to round up, but the last book I gave a flat five stars to was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. The last book I gave 1 star to was And Then There Were Four.

Last true five-star book for me was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and then Lathe of Heaven was 4.5 rounded up. The last book I gave one star was Fortitude Smashed when I DNFed it last September. 

9. Who’s a popular author you’re just…not that into?

Schwab, Bardugo, Clare, Maas, etc. Basically, most authors that everyone raves about.

Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas. Just not interested at all. 

10. Show you’re currently watching, or last one you watched?

I’m currently rewatching Hannibal (on my own) and Supernatural (with a friend). I’m also kind of watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix. It’s not a great TV show, but I kind of want to see where it goes.

Right now I’m rewatching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. I stopped watching a long time ago and honestly, I can’t believe the show is still on. 

11. Picture this: You’re at the altar, about to say “I do” to Cornelius (or Cornelia) Wainwright III, a disgraced businessperson who is only marrying you for your chocolate factory fortune. You dramatically say “I can’t do this” – which fictional character or celebrity do you confess your love to instead?


Chrissy Teigen. Chantel and I love her.

First, she loves food.

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Second, she’s real.

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Third, I have major relationship goals of her and John Legend. I MEAN HE WROTE A SONG FOR HER THAT IS SWOON WORTHY.

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Image result for chrissy teigen gif

Image result for chrissy teigen lip sync battle

Fourth, her daughter is ADORABLE.

Image result for luna legend

Image result for luna legend

Image result for chrissy teigen lip sync battle

Fifth, she’s fucking hilarious.

Image result for chrissy teigen funny

Image result for chrissy teigen funny

Image result for chrissy teigen funny

Image result for chrissy teigen lip sync battle

Oh. And she’s pretty.

This might have turned into a sudden Chrissy Teigen appreciation post.


I pick Josh Gates because I want to cuddle that man. 


josh gates
What a hunk.

He’s good, too.

Alienor’s questions!

1. What is your biggest pet peeve in books?

LOVE. TRIANGLES. Especially ones that make no sense. Oh, and books that wrap-up too neatly and there’s a whole series. Like, yo, leave some tension or the series will be pointless.

I think it’s impossible to pick something that hasn’t been said already. I will say that a “surprise” sexuality reveal pisses me off. It’s never a spoiler and never should be treated as one. 

2. What are your thoughts about DNFing books?

Sometimes, I take great glee in it. I DNF books left and right. Life is too short for a bad book

I will only DNF a book if I absolutely dread picking it up. It’s only happened a few times to me, but I’ll do it if I feel it’s impossible to continue on. 

3. What’s your favorite novel with LGBTQIA+ romance?

Honestly, The Heart’s Invisible Furies was my favorite from last year. It was LGBTQ+, but not exactly a romance. It had romance in it, but that wasn’t the whole picture. Also, Evelyn Hugo.

All of my recent favs have been f/f romances. How to Make a Wish, Of Fire and Stars, and of course Evelyn Hugo

4. Do you read translated books?

Yes! Usually, I don’t realize that I read them since I don’t pay attention to it being translated. I’d rather read the book in the original language, but I’m not proficient enough in any language to do that.

No? It’s not something I pay attention to. 

5. What’s your favorite diverse book?

Oh jeez. The thing is, I don’t read books for diversity. I read them because they sound good to me. If they happen to be diverse, then they are. So, this is hard because I don’t pay attention to diversity for diversity’s sake. But, some ones that I have liked recently are Reign of the Fallen, Evelyn Hugo, and Chameleon Moon.

It would be too easy to say Evelyn Hugo, but that book was perfection. I will say that The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue had great diversity and it’s a popular YA novel with a bisexual main character. That shit makes me happy. 

6. What’s the hardest thing about blogging for you?

Keeping on top of everything. Like, damn. All the posts we do, then all the posts everyone does. I try to like everything, but sometimes I fail.

This is lame, but the same. It’s hard getting the motivation to post something as simple as FLF sometimes, but we make it work. 

7. What’s your all-time favorite novel and why?

The Book Thief. It utterly destroyed me and made me laugh and smile at the same time. The prose is beautiful. The characters are great. The whole thing is fantastic.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I can’t gush enough about this book. It’s perfect. The end. 

8. Where do you usually read?

Either I read on my couch that looks like the one off Titanic.

Image result for draw me me like one of your french girls gif

Or I sit on the floor. Maybe in this weird chair thing I have that you have to lean against things to use otherwise you fall over.

On my bed because it’s all I have to sit on. 

9. What’s the review you’re the proudest of and why?

I don’t know. This is hard since I like being proud of all my reviews, but I think I’m proudest of Let’s Talk About Love because I calmly explained why I didn’t like it and what didn’t work, all while trying to balance being nice to people who felt represented by it. I’m also super proud of Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession by Alison Weir because I did a TON of outside research to back up my claims because historical fiction people can be mean when you challenge their favorite author.

Any time I do a one-star review, I’m proud because they are the most difficult for me. On the complete opposite side five-star reviews are difficult too because when you love a book that much it’s difficult to write about. 

10. What’s your favorite movie adaptation of a novel (or a series)?

Uhm. Harry Potter or The Book Thief. Those were fantastic movies.


Image result for hannibal eating lip gif
I’m Hannibal, Chantel’s Alana. She hears about this show more than she ever wanted to.

I’ve also watched the whole series sooooooooooo…

I’m going to say Game of Thrones and Harry Potter because I love both the show and the movies. 

But you haven’t read GoT.

11. Who is your all-time favorite character and why?

Fuck, man. But, I gotta say, Harry Potter. I mentioned it in our “Me In Characters” Tag, but I always really connected to how selfless he was. His snark and sarcasm are always remembered, but his selflessness is something I will never, ever forget.

Evelyn Hugo is my Kween! This is obvious, she’s just so charismatic, charming, flawed, bisexual, Cuban, what more could I want? 

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