Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS by Joby Warrick

Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS



This year, I’ve been educating myself a lot about politics and, really, terrorism. I mean, it’s something that we should think about. Domestic and foreign when it impacts America. This book takes place within my lifetime, so I feel like I should know about how the current affairs got created. I thought this book was very succinct and a bit critical of America.

Mainly, this book is very easy and clear to read. Despite not being good at foreign names, I didn’t get many mixed up and the author constantly reminded me of who people were so I didn’t feel like I lost anything. There were multiple viewpoints of this book so I felt like I got the full scope of things, from American and Middle Eastern perspectives.

Moreover, this book does have an anti-Bush bias. While I do have that same bias myself — I like him far more out of his presidency than when he was in it — I think that it’s important that he honestly thought he was doing the best he could. We can be critical, yes, but we still have to consider that he was being given biased information that led him to make those decisions, as this book discussed.

Another important thing this book does is tell us where and why al-Qaeda and ISIS diverged. I came into this knowing that they did, but I wasn’t sure why it was since, to me, they basically do the same sort of thing. Bomb innocent people. Hate the people who don’t think like them and have been “Westernized”. Etc.

I’d definitely recommend this book to people who want to know the history of this issue.

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