Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle

Idyll Threats cover


Caidyn did a review of this earlier this month and you can find it here if you want to know his thoughts.

4/5 – It’s rare that I step out of my comfort reading zone and read a genre that’s completely foreign to me. I read Idyll Threats in 2016 and I only read it because the main character was gay. To me, a gay protagonist with his own series is incredibly compelling. I absolutely adored the book when I first read it and upon a second read, I still loved it. Thomas Lynch is such a great character, in my opinion, he is just a normal guy. He reminds me a lot of Chief Hopper from Stranger Things actually. They are no-nonsense cops who are married to their work. Going forward, I wouldn’t mind seeing a softer side to Thomas Lynch but nothing that would feel too out of character.

This is a mystery novel and at the center of it is a murder of a young twenty-year-old woman. Multiple times Idyll Police and Lynch hit multiple dead ends. In a town where nothing happens, there is a lot of pressure to get this murder wrapped up and solved. But who fits the bill? I’ll admit I wasn’t completely satisfied with the reveal. I would’ve liked more of a foundation laid for who ended up being the killer. Everything up until that point was very interesting to me. Especially the way Thomas approached his work. Instead of sitting in his office doing paperwork all day, supposedly what a Chief of Police would normally do, he is interviewing people who knew the victim and chasing down meddling kids. He is good at his job and he almost single-handedly solves the crime.

He also almost runs it into the ground. One of the most interesting parts of the mystery was that Thomas had seen the victim before she was found dead. He had been attempting to hook up with a guy, and instead of revealing that information and subsequently outing himself as gay he keeps it to himself. Ultimately, though, this doesn’t amount to anything. He doesn’t get revealed, instead choosing to come out on his own.

This series takes place in 1997 so the cops make a lot of jokes at the expense of gay men. This presents another problem for Thomas in that his men might not be okay with him being gay. Nearly everyone who is gay in the town keeps it private because maybe Idyll isn’t the most accepting town. There is definitely some tension that will continue through the next book and I’m interested to see how it’s handled.

In the end, I read this a second time so that it would be fresh in my mind when I started the sequel and it just reinforced how much I enjoyed the book and how much I adore Thomas Lynch as a character.

4 thoughts on “Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle

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