October Book Subscriptions

Hello, hello! Here we are again for another month of unboxing mystery boxes because that’s so much fun! I’d highly recommend it. Anyway, this month I believe both of us have even more to show you than normal, so let’s just get into it!

Chantel will be in purple. 

Caidyn will be in blue. 

In October, I received two subscription boxes. I received an Owlcrate and a PageHabit box. Double the fun and double the items. It’s like Christmas once a month. 

Owlcrate – Find Me in The Forest

Okay, honestly, this was the best Owlcrate I’ve received yet. I’ve been subscribed for three months now, and honestly, this box was fantastic. Some of my favorite items ever were in this box. They were perfect for the book and I am so excited to read the book. 

Let’s start with the card and pin that come with every Owlcrate box.


I love the card each month. It always looks great and the pin is just going onto my bulletin board where I already have a collection of pins. They fit right in. 


This is an art print from Princess Mononoke which is an animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Tragically, I have not seen this movie or any other Miyazaki movie, but the art is gorgeous. 


Let me tell you all, I needed a coaster. Desperately. However, this coaster is so cute and so sweet, I don’t know if I can use it! It’s simply adorable and I’m definitely on board with Owlcrate continuing to send me things I need. 

Now, the mug. This was by far my favorite item and the best item I’ve ever received in an Owlcrate. It’s a Harry Potter themed mug which features things that sit near and in the forbidden forest. I’m not a fan of the giant spider, but I can live with it. I love mugs and now that I’m drinking more coffee, it’s necessary. This just happens to be one of my favorites. 

I’ve lumped the rest of these items together. There is some decaf (ugh) tea which actually sounds really good. There is a Raven Cycle themed candle which smells really good, very foresty. Then there are these cute little magnetic bookmarks with Max from Where the Wild Things Are

And now, the book. 


The book this month was Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore and the Owlcrate exclusive cover is gorgeous. I already own one book by Anna-Marie McLemore, which is When the Moon Was Ours. These books are magical realism and feature queer characters. I’ve briefly read part of When the Moon Was Ours and her writing is gorgeous. I need to read her books and fast. Along with the book, there came the standard letter from the author and a signed bookplate to put inside the book. In addition, a packet of seeds came along with the book which is pretty cool.

That was all that came in October’s Owlcrate and it was a great one! I’m also very excited to received this month’s Owlcrate because the theme sounds great. 

Castles, Courts, and Kingdoms. Yes, please. 

PageHabit – Science Fiction

This month I received my first PageHabit box which included a bonus book. I got a few cool things, and I’ve never heard of either book before so that should be interesting. 

First thing, I got yet another coaster! It’s super cute as well. I think Caidyn got one in a previous month, but I’m definitely happy to get one. 


It’s so cute!!

I also got an Einstein bookmark, a rocket tea infusor, and a library card pillowcase. These are totally great items. I think the tea infusor is my favorite and I can use it for the tea I received in my Owlcrate. 

Since it was October, there was a cute little pumpkin keychain that lit up and made noise when you pushed on it. It’s pretty cute and looks creepy when lit up. 

Every month, PageHabit donates a book for each box that’s purchased and this month they donated books to The Democratic Republic of Congo. 


Each box also comes with a short story and this month it was Help Me Follow My Sister Into the Land of the Dead by Carmen Maria Machado. It looks and sounds creepy. 


Now, the books. The actual book this month was An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon. I did get a bonus book for signing up which was Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel. The letter included is from Rivers Solomon. The unique thing about PageHabit is that there are annotations in the book from the author. 

The best part of subscription boxes is that I receive books I’ve never heard of. I’ve never heard of either book here, but I’m excited to read them both. 

That is it for me this month, but I’ve got some boxes to look forward to next month. 

Like Chantel, I now get two/three book subscriptions. I got PageHabit’s mystery box and I get an add-on for horror. Then, I also started getting Book of the Month, which is where you can pick your book(s).

PageHabit – Mystery and horror

As usual, I got my box from PageHabit and, for once, I was super excited to see all the books. All because I haven’t heard a thing about them.

The yellow thing is a pillowcase that is awesome. My mom has envy over it. She stared for ages with it. Then, I got a bookmark of an Einstein quote, along with a short story titled Peaches. Haven’t read it yet.

As for the books, The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Murders of Molly Southbourne. As I said, I’m really excited for both of the books. None of my friends have read them or reviewed them, so I’m coming into them with a clean slate. I’m resisting the urge to read reviews of them, too. Or to do any digging at all. Wish me luck.

Book of the Month

BotM actually allows you to pick your book(s). They have a few books you can make yours, then you can do add-ons if you really want to. Not required, but you can. This month, I decided to. Why not, right?

First off, I really liked the box and how they packaged it. I didn’t take pictures of that, but I’ll remember to someday.

The book I chose was The Power by Naomi Alderman. First, super pretty cover. Second, it’s all about women who gain superpowers to hurt people and it puts men at a great disadvantage and I’m all for women doing that when needed. Third, Emma Watson’s reading it for her book club this month and so there.

I did pick an add-on this month. I mean, when you sign up, you get three book vouchers for, about $27. That means instead of $15 per month to get a book, you get three books for around $10 each right off the bat to decide if you like it. The add-on I chose for this month was Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King. Somewhat excited for this since I’ve seen a mix of reactions to the book, but it’s soooo preetttyyy.

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