Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle

Idyll Threats (Thomas Lynch #1)



Blame Chantel for me reading this. She gushed about it, got a legit contact from the author, and then got sent a copy of the sequel that was signed and all that. I was just the one watching and being giddy about it with Chantel. And she also sent me very shaky pictures of it at first because she was so excited.

The basic plot of this book is that Thomas Lynch is new in a very small town that reminded me of home. Murder strikes and down the winding path they go. I think the main thing that stood out to me was that Lynch was gay, leaving him in a very big quandary from the start. I really liked that he wasn’t stereotyped out by Gayle. He was just a usual guy, not the embodiment of all gay stereotypes in one.

Yet, I have some critiques.

All the weight of Rick, his old partner and the reason Lynch came to the new town, didn’t fit with the mystery at hand. It would have been better dealt with in a later book or change the mystery to more mirror Rick so it felt natural. To me, it kind of felt tacked on.

Another thing is all the damn sex scenes. It distracted me. Didn’t do much with the story at all. Great, he’s sexually active and getting those needs met, but I don’t need all of these graphic hook up scenes that just seem to be a way for him to numb the pain. That definitely brought my rating down since I would skim and then realize that I had missed something important.

Finally, the killer didn’t fit one bit. It was awkward and just wasn’t a fully developed idea for me. I’m not sure if psychopath even fit for him, let alone sexual sadist since that connotes you’re hurting someone to get off. With him, it just seemed like he was a fucking brat.

Overall, a good start. It wasn’t perfect, but I can see that there will be good things coming from the way the book ended and I do want to see where it goes.

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