Deadly Cure by Lawrence Goldstone

Deadly Cure


2/5 – DNF at 56%

Thanks to Netgalley for an advanced copy! This did not effect my opinions.

The basic plot to this book is that it’s a big mystery based on the deaths of children. This is set in, I’d say, the late 1800s to early 1900s back in the time when patent medicine was about. Medicine wasn’t regulated back then. You could put anything in it and pass it off as medication. We find it hilarious and horrifying hearing about heroin or cocaine being in medication to actually help people, but this was the time. And, someone’s running experiments on kids.

I found it interesting and I liked, for the most part, the main character trying to solve this mystery, Dr. Noah Whitestone. He was personable and a nice guy. Then, I got distracted when they obviously were trying to toss in a romance… all while he’s grieving a dead wife and has a fiance.

So, it got ruined for me at about 60% when it threw in a pointless sex scene between Noah and this third woman. (And, trust me, there are no other female characters than his love interests.) So, he cheated on his fiance. I felt as if I was supposed to be cool with it. And it was also super rapey since Noah repeatedly said no, but it was ignored and the sex happened.

Good story, then it just got super ruined for me.

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