The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud

The Empty Grave (Lockwood & Co., #5)



Reviews for books one, two, three, and four.

While you look at that rating, maybe in some shock and maybe with a bland sense of knowing I’d do that, I want to say that this series isn’t perfect. There were many times when I absolutely raged in a bad way.

Me more than a few times.


This is now a general spoiler warning for the series. I will put extra spoiler warnings as well.

  • Holly and Lucy hate. Pissed me off to no end and it served no purpose for the third book. If the goal was to make Lucy leave, don’t add in extra drama to “throw us off” about why she left.
  • SPOILERS FOR THIS BOOK. Holly’s sexuality has been toyed with from when she entered, with her being assumed straight for the sake of Lucy’s imagination running wild. Then, this book, it ends up with Holly telling Lucy that Lockwood isn’t her type and then saying she lives with a girl. Her roommate. Sounds like the past, doesn’t it? Oh, no, not gay. They’re roommates. It felt really tacked on since this is a super straight book (aka no queer characters). I’m going to steal a text Chantel sent me when I was talking about this to her: “It should be normalized, not hinted at.”
  • Sort of spoilers for the series, but I’m not going into a huge amount of depth. I really wish that the overarching plot had been woven into the other books better. Now, it didn’t feel forced, but it also felt like it could have been incorporated just a bit more. I liked the plot in this book, yet it also felt odd.
  • DEFINITELY SPOILERS FOR THE LAST FEW PAGES. Lucy and Lockwood deserved more. I mean, it was super cute, that ending. Him giving her his mother’s necklace and then walking away with her chasing after him, but I really needed a bit more since I’ve waited five books for them to get together and it wasn’t even in the book.

Image result for sirius black gif

Spoilers over now!

But, this book hit me in the feels. Chantel got quite a few texts from me while I was reading the last few parts of the book. Characters dead, not dead, maybe dead. A constant shift of mortal peril. (Imagine Mrs. Weasley’s clock.) I also take melatonin before I sleep, which I did around 8PM like usual so I’m asleep in, give or take, an hour. I’m old. Shush. But, 10:30 rolled around and still up and all that. Also, there were tears. There were tears a few times.

Since I can’t talk about the plot without giving major spoilers for the last books, all I can say is that this was a bittersweet and hopeful ending. The last part is titled The Beginning. It’s a new chapter for Lockwood & Co. in many ways. So, I really hope that Jonathan Stroud will see this and agree with me that he should totally write a short story collection or a few novellas about the characters and some of their new adventures. I love this group, honestly, and I would want to see them navigate life now that they did this and gave me a satisfying ending.

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