Classic Mini Reviews 3


Yes, another edition and, hopefully, one of the last for right now. I’m all played out at the moment. I’m doing four mini-reviews to catch up with things.

Romeo and Juliet

This actually wasn’t as bad as I remember. Shock, gasp. I know. This is the play a lot of people shit on, but, really, the plot is pretty solid when it comes down to it. I’m not a huge fan of it since I don’t like reading about idiotic people in love, but it’s spot on for depicting young love.

Image result for abstinence gif
An actual depiction of the plot.

Anyways, the language is also hilarious and beautiful. There are so many damn puns that you catch in here and I know there are more that I didn’t catch. Two of my favorite characters are the feature of these puns. First, you get Mercutio.


Image result for mercutio gif
Best when he was depicted as a drag queen.

Then there’s the Nurse.

Raunchiest woman to raise someone ever.

They’re hilarious on their own. So many sexual puns and ramblings that they steal the show every time they’re on stage. But put them together? That word duel was fantastic and hilarious.



The first time I read this, I gave it four stars. And I’m not sure why. It’s really an odd play. Very incoherent and repetitive, as if no one’s hearing and everything’s destiny. It’s very loosely historically accurate. The language in it was lovely, but I can’t put my finger on how it didn’t feel like Wilde. I think my favorite part were the contradictions throughout the play. Salome with John, her love and hate of him and how physically alike they are. Herod and death, how he fears, loves, and hates it.

Still, a meh play.


The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Another weird play that I wasn’t too fond of. The basic plot of this is that a man loves a woman, the woman loves him back, he thinks that she doesn’t love him, man falls for other woman, other woman doesn’t like him. It’s a classic plot, really. However, it came off as very rapey at the end and there was too much jazz in my goddamned audiobook. ALL THE SONGS AND TRANSITIONS WERE BAD JAZZ.

Either way, not a favorite and totally not a comedy for me.



I read this one a while ago and, again, not as good as I remember it. There were tons of names thrown around in this, yet they weren’t really explained (or I wasn’t paying enough attention). The plot wasn’t too interesting for me. I’m a fan of fighting, but it wasn’t interesting fighting or battles. Not even remotely hilarious like in some other old stories.

I think the way Christianity was woven into this was the most interesting, especially since I think of this as a rather pagan play. Caine becomes the father of monsters after he killed his brother. God wills things to happen, especially in battles and how things will turn out. It reminded me of the age of chivalry.

Yet, overall, meh.


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