Hogwarts House Tag – Slytherin Edition

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Final house, guys. Thanks for putting up with our tag for this long. We’re applying characteristics from each house to characters in books and this is the last one. I’m sure some of you guys are relieved.

Alright, here is the Slytherin Recommendations from Hannah at A Clockwork Reader on Youtube. She’s great, you guys. She does interesting vlogs and tons of recommendations videos, just go check her out.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Give some sort of intro where you mention these rules, who tagged you if anyone did or where you saw it.
  • Pick two characters for each trait from that house and explain why you chose them. (Can’t pick Harry Potter characters and if you have multiple bloggers like we do, one each will suffice.)
  • Tag people if you want to, or don’t.

Caidyn will be in blue.
Chantel will choose her destiny.


This is going to be a weird choice, but what else can you expect from me? I’d be letting everyone down if I didn’t pick something weird. But, my choice is Lady Macbeth from, well, Macbeth. This is probably one of my favorite Shakespeare play. You get witches and ghosts and political plots and real history and insane Scots. Lady Macbeth is the wife who pushes and pushes to get further in the world. She’s such a great character.


I have also chosen a character who is wrapped up in politics throughout the plot and has to navigate certain situations very carefully. I chose Estraven from The Left Hand of Darkness because we are unsure of their motivations throughout the first part of the book. Are they on Genly’s side or is there something more sinister to them? What are Estraven’s real intentions? There is a lot of deceit going on within the politics of Karhide and Estraven is at the center of it all. They are our glimpse into what is going on in the kingdom and yet we still wonder if we can trust them. Just as Genly wonders constantly. 


Since I set this up, I get the first choice and Chantel can suck it. (Not really. I love you. She read my choice earlier this year and you can find her review here!)

For this one, I really choose Jorg Arancrath from the Broken Empire trilogy. Probably one of my favorite fantasy books ever and all that. He’s so fucking ambitious. Every single book, he sets a new goal for himself to achieve and reach towards. Half the time, it completely seems like something he won’t get to. The series starts with him as a 12-year old (no joke). He rapes, kills, plots, manipulates, and deceives. And for all his evil, I love him.


I’ll admit this was probably the most difficult for me. Especially since Caidyn took the best answer I could’ve provided for both. Thanks. So, I’m kind of pulling this out of my ass, honestly, but I’ll try to make a case. For ambitious, I’m going to go with Moira from The Handmaid’s Tale. Now, Moira is a minor character in The Handmaid’s Tale, but I think she refuses to be part of the system where a woman’s only value is her womb. Moira ends up escaping from the reform school they were a part of because she wants to find something better and be something more than a role she’s being forced into. While I don’t think she ends up with complete freedom, she ends up in a different place than Offred because she wanted to be something better, something more than just a baby making machine. 


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