Blogging + College = ???: Grad School, Part Two


Good news and bad news, guys. Which do you want to hear first? … Wait, you guys can’t respond so I guess I’ll go with good news.

I asked two professors if they’ll be my recommendations and both of them said yes! Now I just need to ask one more and I’m pretty sure he’ll say yes no matter what. Mainly because he’s my advisor and he ought to expect it from me.

Now, bad news. I’ve gone back on my earlier statement that I’ll only be applying to KU. All because one of my recommendations talked with me (she’s a huge proponent about psych students getting MSWs) and finally convinced me to look more into UMKC’s program. So, I may apply there as a back-up depending on what they want me to do.

That’s basically where I am. Went from one college to two, and now I’m at two out of three professors saying yes. I just need to sign some release forms so they can discuss academics and send them short paragraphs so they know my intention for college. However, I don’t have to do that for a few more weeks.

And now I’m going to go back to sleep because I’m beat.

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