Blogging + College = ???: First Week and Grad School Woes


I survived. Somehow, I did it. I can’t remember if I actually said what classes I’m taking, so let’s just go through it.

First, I’m taking a class called Women and Culture. It’s all about, well, women and culture. I’m not sure what focus it’s going to have, but I’m assuming it’s more Western and even American with the focus largely on white people with more commentary on black women struggles later on. We have a predominantly white class, so it makes sense. There are also only two males in the class (myself included). It’s a freshman level class so that’s always interesting. And, as expected, a damn group project. I don’t miss freshman courses.

Second, I’m taking Psychology Seminar: Intuition. This takes a big of background. As a psych major, I have to take a senior level course where you strut your stuff. This is that. You come up with a research proposal, complete with a literature review and mock methodology, results, and discussion section. You also do an oral presentation. Each semester varies for what the topic is. This semester it’s intuition. However, I’ve avoided this professor my whole time at my college because of his reputation. He’ll love you one second and hate you the next. Hopefully I got on his good side since I agreed to be in his research as a participant.

Third, there’s Europe in the High Middle Ages. More technically, it’s about Christendom in the years 1000-1300/1350. We’re focusing more on Christianity and Southern Europe. The biggest thing for me is that, based on the first week, I’m holding my own in the class. It’s an upper level course so most of the people in the class actually are history majors or minors. I’m not. I just read up on it for fun. And, I actually held a conversation and could name things in class. I’m proud of myself for that. I feel like I’m going to get a lot out of it and, even better, no research paper!!

Fourth, and finally, is my class on The Jewish Faith. Basically, it’s an introduction to Judaism. I have some background because of a few other courses I’ve taken (Intro to World Religions, World Religions; and Religion, Ethnicity, and Race). But, I want to know more about it since it interests me. It also serves as a good way to do some research for myself. My professor is a new professor and it already shows. They’re figuring it out as it goes, something I like and don’t like.

So there’s that. I survived and have succeeded beyond that.

However, Saturday morning, I decided to look at graduate schools and freaked myself out and discouraged myself a bit.

I was only going to apply to two programs, University of Kansas (KU) and University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). KU is closer to me with a more specific program while UMKC is farther away with a more general education. UMKC became my first choice based on the education. Whereas KU is pathway oriented (aka you choose a path and that’s all that you learn) UMKC teaches a little bit of everything.

Then I looked at UMKC’s requirements for school. Unlike KU, you have to take the GRE… which is a standardized test sort of like ACT/SAT to get into graduate school. I don’t want to take it. UMKC requires it, while KU doesn’t. (And, trust me, I just emailed the person in charge of admissions for KU’s MSW program about it to be sure I don’t suddenly need to start enrolling in test dates and studying and hoping for the best.)

So, down to one school I’m applying to. But, hey, it’s all good. I only applied to one college, too, actually. Unlike everyone who applied to a million, I went to community college for a year, got a letter in the mail from my current college, and applied. Got in and that was that.

Now I just have to hope that KU takes me and I’m not back to square one with shit.

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