Taproot by Keezy Young

Taproot cover


I received an ARC of Taproot from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

3/5 – This is the first ARC I’ve ever gotten from Netgalley and the first ARC I’m reviewing. That’s pretty exciting for me. I always found the idea of reading and reviewing a book that wasn’t out yet was a bit intimidating, so I picked this short, cute graphic novel as my first. Here we go!

This graphic novel centers around a ghost named Blue and his best friend Hamel who can see ghosts when nobody else can. Blue also happens to secretly be in love with Hamel. In addition to dealing with his feelings, he must deal with unusual events happening around him and Hamel which leads him to make an important decision.

Simply put, I thought this graphic novel was adorable. Hamel was a giant teddy bear who loved flowers and Blue was a ghost who was in love with his best friend, despite his attempts to appear as if he isn’t. This provides multiple misunderstandings between the two as is expected. I thought the art style gave the book a sense of whimsy and complimented the graphic novel’s tone well. At its core, it was a sweet love story between two young men. It made me smile.

My issue with the story lies in the supernatural elements that come in around halfway through the book. I felt that it wasn’t properly explained what was going on and I struggled to comprehend what was happening. I don’t usually gravitate toward books with supernatural elements, so there were some terms that were unfamiliar to me. Someone who is familiar with reading books similar to this might not have this issue. However, it was confusing to me. Some more explanation of the term necromancer in the context of the story would be helpful.

Overall, I’d recommend this graphic novel. It’s a quick read and I think it’ll make anyone smile who enjoys a good love story.


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