The Trespasser by Tana French

The Trespasser (Dublin Murder Squad #6)



It’s no secret that I love Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series. It’s fantastic and it’s even better that I don’t technically have to remember the last book in the series since they’re all separate. Great for me and my brain that forgets series quicker than I’d like to admit.

Like everyone else who’s reviewed this book, it focuses on Antoinette Conway who was introduced during the last book. She’s partnered with Steve Moran, the focus of the last book. They get thrown a case, seems an open and shut one. A simple murder of Aislinn, a pretty girl, probably done by her boyfriend that she was preparing to have over. Then, the plot deepens when Lucy, Aislinn’s friend, tells them she was involved with a married man.

From there, it tackles a topic that’s been in the news quite a lot. And, sadly, I can’t get into it since it’s a bit of a spoiler for later things, but it’s a constant thread throughout the whole book. Or the threat of it being a thing.

This wasn’t French’s best book by any means. I found it boring and, sometimes, annoying. There wasn’t a lot that happened and I found Antoinette pretty annoying. She constantly had her guard up, making me wonder what had happened to make her view the world so badly. The case was interesting but slow moving. Antoinette’s mistrust ran so deep that I wanted to know why she was like this. However, it wasn’t adequately explained for my liking and there wasn’t a proper wrap up to the case. Much like real life, but I wanted more.

Other than that…. I just want the next book. I want to know who it’s going to focus on since there are a couple of people it could be about. Even though this wasn’t her best, it’s still good and I want to know what’s the next chapter for this series.

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