Ghost Hunt, Volume 11 by Shiho Inada and Fuyumi Ono

Ghost Hunt, Volume 11



All right, story time.

When I read scary things, I like to set the mood for it. I like being creeped out. I enjoy being a little scared. So, for this book, I got a station on Pandora playing (Spooky Symphonies for those who care) and I turned out the lights in my room so I could only use the flashlight on my phone for light. Quickly, I settled into the rhythm the last volume left off with, finding my heart beating faster and faster. And then some bodies fell out of the attic in the book and I remembered that my closet has a passage into the attic and I was moving to turn that light on.

After that, it was easy sailing. I can’t say much more since this volume picks up at the end of the last one, so saying too much of the plot would spoil things. Let’s just say that the scary momentum wasn’t carried forward. It changed itself in a way that was more unsettling than scary. Because you had to take a step back and question, “Wait, I don’t remember these characters? Where did they come from?” all while the characters in the story are acting like it’s completely normal.

However, to buffer that change, you have more discoveries about Naru’s and Mai’s abilities. Which throws everything from the past volumes into circumspect since you have to rethink all that you learned thus far.

It makes me really excited for the last book. Which I can read any time now since they never translated it into English, but I found a translation done by someone online for it.

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