Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads to You cover


4.5/5 – If you are looking for a great book with a lesbian relationship, then definitely check this book out. I highly recommend it.

I’ll get my only negative criticism out of the way first. I was planning on taking off a whole star, but I loved the book so much, I took off half a star because this is really a nitpick. I’m not sure why the characters needed to be eighteen, they easily could’ve been twenty and it would’ve made the fact that two of the characters worked in the movie industry a lot more realistic. I had to suspend my disbelief, especially early on in the book.

There was one point where I thought I’d get annoyed if a specific thing happened because it was too perfect for my liking and even though it did happen I wasn’t annoyed. I’m being intentionally vague on purpose. I think that says a lot about how well the book was written and how well the characters were written.

Now, I loved all of the characters except the few characters you weren’t supposed to like. I adored Charlotte and Ava and Jamal, they were just as interesting as Emi and I enjoyed how they spent a lot of time together. It wasn’t just the two love interests. They hung out together as a friend group which is a lot more realistic. Even Emi’s ex-girlfriend who doesn’t come off very well at first ends up being really likable because things don’t linger for long. Once it’s over, it’s over and I appreciated that.

The characters are also involved in filmmaking which combines two of my favorite things, lesbians, and movies. I’m so easy to please.

Out of all the Contemporary LGBTQ+ YA books I’ve read this is one of my favorites. The couple is one of my favorites ever. I would definitely read more of Nina LaCour’s work simply on the merit of this book.

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